Muntz 2F Castable Fly


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Convertible Baitcast Fly / 2F Model- Feathers & Flash.  weight 2.4 oz length 11”


 The Convertible Baitcast Fly is THE pioneer of North American castable flies. The keel weighted design and added buoyancy is what makes this lure unique, with NO FLY ROD REQUIRED! Using a sweep-and-pause style retrieve, each pull sounds out the glass rattles inside and the soft materials keep enticing fish while on the pause! This fly has generous amounts of premium hackles built on three different build points to create fishy profile in the water.

The added WEEDLESS features of this lure are second-to-none, using tension-loaded weed guards on each hook. There is a fixed rear 5/0 treble that has stowable weedguards for fishing in snag-free areas. Just push the point of the hook between the weedguard wires and push it over the bend of the hook to stow. The front hook is a hand-tied weedless treble (3/0 wide gap) that attaches to a front rigging point with a split ring. These options provide plenty of versatility for situational fishing.

This bait rounds out any muskie angler's lure arsenal - a type of lure in it's own category AND one that's weedless! Also included is a large coastlock snap, which is handy for storing this weedless-style lure in any hanging box.