KILR Eel 8"


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DeLong KILR Eel

Drive Muskie, Pike, Bass and other large game fish mad with the DeLong KILR Eel. This scented lure mimics a wounded bait fish when jerked through the water. They will unable to resist its erratic and life like action. Rigged with two razor sharp 8/0 Mustad hooks it is sure to dig deep into the mouth of your query and put them in the net. They come in a variety of color combinations and if you have a favorite color that is not available they can be custom ordered.

To Fish the KILR Eel connect it to your line using a swivel and if you are targeting a fish with sharp teeth a steel leader is a good idea. Work the lure like a jerk bait, pulling hard and letting the lure settle. The eel will swim in a figure eight motion and look like a wounded bait fish causing your target fish’s predator instincts to kick in.

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