Shallow Herring 9" Green Bass

Blue Water Baits

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The 9” Shallow Herring is perfect for any shallow water presentation or long lined as last bait through in a deeper setting. Countless 50” class fish have fallen to it.  Great on shallow bodies of water similar to Lake St. Clair and also great in the spread as a long line bait. 

BWBs are made from hand picked cedar which is CNC cut to perfection, to achieve the highest levels of consistency. They are assembled with a stainless steel through wire and a 1/4” polycarbonate lip to handle all types of bottom grinding. All baits come with 7/0 mustad hooks and #6 extra heavy stainless split rings  

Dive Curve @ 4mph

Feet of line - Lure depth

30 gets 7   40 gets 8   50 gets 9   
60 gets 10  70 Gets 11  80 Gets 12   
90 gets 13   100 gets 14

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