Flying Witch


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Delong Flying Witch

Bewitch giant Pike and Muskie with the Delong Flying Witch. Watch the wicked action of this KILR lure dive through the water like a witch on her broom, spinning circles of concentric action and hypnotize them out of their hiding places. The scented lure is rigged with two 8/0 hooks and a 5/0 Hook which is sure get them into your clutches.

To fish the Flying Witch connect it to your line using a swivel and if you are targeting a fish with sharp teeth a steel leader is a good idea. Cast the lure to the area you want to fish and let the lure settle. Rip on rod hard will cause the lure dart and dive erratically causing your target fish’s predator instincts to kick in. to make the lure snake lift the rod up and reel in slow. Alternate between these tactics to entice a strike.

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