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The Savage Gear 3D Octopus sports a full set of lifelike tentacles, realistically molded lead head and bubble-catching ribbed surface to further mimic the dynamics of a living creature. An embedded rattle enhances the appeal by ringing the dinner bell and giving fish a sonic trail to follow in the often dim lighting of reefs, wrecks and rocky bottom.

• Based on Octopus 3D Scan
• Adaptive Tie Point
• Built-In Rattle
• 6X Hook
• Bubble Catch Belly Ridges
• Durable TPE Tentacles
• High Quality Superglow and UV Finish
• Assist Hook Tie Point

They’re not easily caught, but every bottom-oriented predator in the ocean regards a tasty octopus as a meal worth pursuing. Savage Gear leverages this feeding preference with a lifelike replica of that 8-armed mollusk — the 3D Octopus.

“From grouper, to halibut, to lingcod and others, fish that feed on or near the bottom won’t pass up the chance to enjoy an octopus dinner,” said Savage Gear Product Designer Jose Chavez. “An octopus is not an easy creature to catch, so we’ve made it easier for fish to do so — at least that’s what they’ll think!”

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